HT: Super Heaters for Countless Applications

Cartridge heaters are high power elements, can supply very high power to a specific area and are mainly used to heat tools.

Thanks to the design, the heat is quickly distributed over the entire surface of the element and the elements comply with the high demands for impact resistance to impact and vibration security.

The Backer Element group is the world leader in the supply of cartridge heating elements, with several business units within the group specialising in their design and manufacture in multiple geographic regions. Hotwatt (USA),  Eltop (Czech), HT (Italy) being the most recognisable.

Italy’s HT SpA has been a European leader in cartridge heaters since their formation in 1978 and form the backbone of our ready to dispatch selection with stock holdings in Sydney Au for small quantities and additional stock in Italy able to be called on with short notice.

If our range of off the shelf solutions don’t suit or time is not as critical, we can help tailor an exact solution for your requirements.