Calesco Water Bed Heaters

Swedish Comfort & Safety

Calesco is a world leader in the development of Water Bed Comfort Heating products earning a reputation of being Europes premier brand. Utilising technologies developed for the exacting Medical and Automotive industries Calesco continues to innovate and refine water bed comfort heating with the introduction of LMF Digital Satellite.

Patented Low Magnetic Field Design

Our technical knowledge from over 30 years of experience within water-bed heat technology now gives you the latest water-bed heater on the market and is built with the same technology developed for medical care. It provides the lowest possible magnetic radiation along with natural safety of a Calesco product. It is a self-limiting, earth shielded heater with a thermal insulated bottom side to minimise heat losses and the patented circuit layout minimised the magnetic field in the bed.

Superior Heating Pad

The Calesco heater pad not only introduces medical standard Low Magnetic Field technologies, the design is superior in efficiency, durability and reliability over existing carbon designs. The unique insulated heating Pad directs the heat more efficiently into the bed and adds rigidity and reinforcement to the heating pad that that competing carbon designs lack. The etched copper foil design further improves heater longevity over printed carbon designs.

Precise & Convenient Digital Control

You're In Complete Control

The Calesco water-bed heater LMF is available with a unique satellite electronic controller for safe and accurate temperature control.

The digital controller gives you night shut-off, double poles switch and the satellite low voltage controller combined with LMF technology it does not get safer than this in a water-bed.

The satellite design allows you to place the control conveniently regardless of where your power source is.