Calesco Mirror Heaters

The clear choice for a fog free bathroom mirror.

Calesco Bathroom Mirror Demister.

Green Line Eco and Pro Line Bathroom Mirror Demisters

Clear and Luxurious

Ever stayed at a luxury hotel and and found the bathroom mirror unusually clear even after a steamy shower or bath?

It’s probably thanks a mirror heater which is quickly becoming a must have for luxury bathroom designs.

Easy to install, just place onto the back of the mirror using the adhesive backing  and wire into the light switch.

Made in Sweden by the technical leaders in foil heating and covered by a 5 year warranty our Calesco Bathroom Demisters will gently heat the mirror surface to just above the point at which the steam will condense giving you a clear view.

The Clear Alternative

A Calesco Mirror Demister will keep your bathroom mirror clear of condensation so you don’t have to.

Even with decent ventilation moisture laden air from your shower, bath or basin finds its way to be in contact with your mirror. The relatively cool mirror surface will cause the moisture to condense to give you that typical fogged up mirror.

Drawing on extensive experience in the automotive and medical fields Calesco is the most trusted brand of mirror demisters in Europe with designs precisely tuned to gently heat the mirror surface to above the dew point stopping water condensing on your mirror.

So you can see clearly.

Easy, Flexible, Reliable

With the largest range of sizes and available in Pro Line and the energy efficient Green Line Eco versions can make almost any bathroom mirror fog free.

Backed with quality adhesives you just stick on the rear of the mirror and wire into your power switch.

Because our mirror demisters are precisely designed to only heat the mirror it’s safe to use on any any fixed mirror without damaging the reflective finish.

Green Line Eco and Pro Line

For those concerned about energy efficiency for cost of use or environmental reasons the GreenLine Eco series offers the lowest energy consumption available in the market.  Using as little as 18watts the advanced printed polymer element the energy consumption is lower than an incandescent globe and probably the exhaust fan, the Eco line is the most efficient range of mirror demisters available today.

If absolute performance is required with faster operational times  or for poorly ventilated areas the Pro  Line is your best choice. Using a more traditional etched foil technology the power output is increased but still tuned so as to not over shoot optimal temperatures.

Clear Mirrors Always

Green Line Eco - Leading Energy Efficiency

Pro Line - High Performance Demisters